com.sun.faban.common Common facilities used by both the Faban harness, driver framework, drivers, and other programs in the benchmark (such as data loading/preparation).
com.sun.faban.driver All annotation types, exceptions, and facilities used in a driver - the main package to import for driver development.
com.sun.faban.driver.engine The driver engine core.
com.sun.faban.driver.transport.hc3 The HTTP and HTTPS transport implementation using Apache Commons HttpClient 3.1.
com.sun.faban.driver.transport.sunhttp The HTTP and HTTPS transport implementation using Sun's HTTP stack via HttpURLConnection.
com.sun.faban.driver.transport.util Facilities for use by transport implementations.
com.sun.faban.driver.util Utilities for the core driver, the transports, and driver implementations.
com.sun.faban.harness All Faban classes and annotations you'll need for writing the benchmark class.
com.sun.faban.harness.agent Agents for controlling remote systems and executing on remote systems.
com.sun.faban.harness.common Common facilities for the Faban Harness.
com.sun.faban.harness.engine The Faban Harness core engine, implementing run processing and queueing mechanism.
com.sun.faban.harness.formsgen The XForms Generator - this package contains classes used for generating the input forms (XForms) from the run configuration file.
com.sun.faban.harness.logging The Faban harness log server and logging facilities. The security package provides the access controller rules, the access control list, and permissions used for authorization in the Faban harness. The pluggable service infrastructure. The pluggable tool infrastructure.
com.sun.faban.harness.util Common utilities used by the Faban harness.
com.sun.faban.harness.webclient The Faban web interface - servlets, MVC framwork and components, and web interface supporting classes.