Package com.sun.faban.harness

All Faban classes and annotations you'll need for writing the benchmark class.


Interface Summary
Benchmark Deprecated. Please use the benchmark annotations going forward
FileFilter The Faban FileFilter interface defines a serializatble file filter for remote calls.
RemoteCallable<V extends Serializable> An interface used for executing a piece of code remotely.
Notes: The class that implements this interface needs to be cautious about platform path differences.

Class Summary
DefaultFabanBenchmark Deprecated. Replaced by DefaultFabanBenchmark2, this class is provided for backward compatibility and is to be removed in the future.
DefaultFabanBenchmark2 The default benchmark class(based on annotations) for use with benchmarks implemented with the Faban Driver Framework.
ParamRepository The ParamRepository is the programmatic representation of the configuration file.
ParamRepository.HostConfig HostConfig structure holding a hostConfig element from the config file.
RunContext The RunContext provides callbacks into the harness and the run environment.
WildcardFileFilter A file name filter that takes wildcards characters '*' and '?' and interprets them like a shell.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException The configuration exception is thrown when a configuration file error is found.
FabanHostUnknownException Exception signifying that the specified host is not part of the rig.

Annotation Types Summary
Configure Annotation used for run configuration method in the benchmark class.
Context Annotation used for context variable injection of services and tools.
EndRun Annotation used for method waiting for the run to end in the benchmark class.
KillRun Annotation used for the kill method run in the benchmark class.
PostRun Annotation used for post-processing method in the benchmark class.
PreRun Annotation used for run preparation method in the benchmark class.
Start Annotation used for starting a service and tool.
StartRun Annotation used for run starting method in benchmark class.
Stop Annotation used for stopping a service and tool.
Validate Annotation used for validation method in the benchmark class.

Package com.sun.faban.harness Description

All Faban classes and annotations you'll need for writing the benchmark class.