Helping measure performance

Faban is ...

a free and open source performance workload creation and execution framework.

Faban is used in performance, scalability and load testing of almost any type of server application. If the application accepts requests on a network, Faban can measure it.

Users of Faban

The benchmark standards organization is using Faban in several benchmarks.

The cloud storage provider Box uses Faban for load testing.

Get Started

Faban has lots of functionality to aid in testing, measuring and monitoring the performance of a wide range of application sub-systems. The best way to get started using Faban is through the following tutorials:

Quick Start Tutorial - Install Faban and run a sample workload

Creating Workload Tutorial - How to create your first workload


More Information

If you are new to performance testing and/or Faban, know that there is a learning curve. Although it is easy enough to setup and run workloads created by others, creating complex workloads does take work. If you stick with it, you will be rewarded with a very powerful, robust and accurate framework that you can use for years to come.

To learn more about Faban, check the About and Documentation tabs. If you have a question, please ask on the Forum.