Helping measure performance


The benchmark standards organization is using Faban in several benchmarks, including:

SPECjEnterpriseTM2010 , an industry-standard benchmark designed to measure the performance of Java EE application servers
SPECjms ®, a messaging benchmark designed to measure the scalability and performance of JMS Servers
SPECsip_InfrastructureTM2011, a standard benchmark designed to evaluate a system's ability to act as a SIP server.

Red Hat®

Faban is being used for performance measurement of the JBoss Application Server at Red Hat, Inc.


Faban is the primary load testing framework used by Box.net, Inc.


Faban is the primary performance testing framework for the back-end services of eharmony.com.

If you currently use Faban, we would love to add you to this list. Please send a note to the discussion forum.