fabancli -- The Faban harness command-line interface


fabancli [-M masterURL] [-U user [-P password]] fabancli_command [command-options-and-arguments]
Sub-commands of fabancli.


fabancli provides a command-line interface for accessing the Faban harness functionality. At allows scripts and programs to interface with the Faban harness directly without going through the web interface. The fabancli can be run from both the local system where the Faban master is running, or from any remote machine.


-M masterURL
Sends the command to a remote master instead of a local one. By default, fabancli will send the command to http://localhost:9980/
-U user
Uses the given user to access the Faban master. Since this username is often put into scripts, this is not a regular user but a special user provided in the Faban harness configuration file - faban/config/harness.xml.
-P password
Provides the password to the user name given in the -U option. This password is also as configured in the harness configuration file.


Cancels the run identified by runId. If the run is still not started, it is removed from the run queue. The run is killed if already in progress. Note - only runs submitted using the fabancli can be cancelled or queued using fabancli's kill command.
Lists the runs in the run queue.
showlogs runId [-f] [-t]
Shows the run log for the given runId.
-f  Keeps following and updating the log display until the run is done.
-t  Starts only with the 10 most recent log entries. Combined with the -f option, this will start with the 10 most recent log entries and keep updating the logs till the end of the run. This behaves like the tail -f Unix command.
status runId
Prints the current status of the given runId. Run status can be:
QUEUED  The run is submitted to the run queue, but not yet started.
RECEIVED  For submission proxies only, the run has been received by the running rig and may have been started.
STARTED The run has been started. It is running at this time.
COMPLETED The run has been finished and results are available.
FAILED The run failed to complete due exceptions.
KILLED The run was killed by a user.
submit benchmark profile configfile
Submits a run for a given benchmark, identified by it's short name. The benchmark must already be deployed on the master. The given configuration will be saved in the profile identified
wait runId
Blocks waiting for the given runId to terminate. The wait command will return immediately if the run is already finished.


Submit a run for the Web101 benchmark on the local master with the run config file /tmp/run.xml. This command will save the configuration in the profile test:
fabancli submit web101 test /tmp/run.xml
The submit command will print the run id of the submitted to stdout, such as web101.1A.

Check the status of the submitted run:
fabancli status web101.1A

View and follow the logs for the run:
fabancli showlogs web101.1A -ft