Scheduling Runs

One of the most frequent operations one will make in Faban is scheduling runs. Scheduling runs puts a run request into the run queue. This does not necessarily mean that the run will be executed right away. It depends on whether there are any prior runs scheduled or not. It also depends whether the run queue is suspended or not.

To schedule a run, simply select Schedule Run from the left menu bar. Please note that you need to have at least one benchmark deployed in order to schedule a run. Please see Deploying Benchmarks for more information.

The followings discuss the steps involved in scheduling a run:

Select User Profile and Benchmark

If a user profile and benchmark has not been selected prior to this, Schedule Run will take you to the user screen. On this screen you can enter a new user profile name or select one of the available user profiles in the drop down box.

If only one benchmark is deployed, that benchmark will be selected by default. If, however, you have more than one benchmark deployed, the benchmark selection drop down box will show up and allow you to select the benchmark you want to run. In addition you can enter tags for each profile in the Tags field. For every run made using this profile, its  tags get propagated to the run by default. However, if you want you can edit the tags for the run from the runinfo page. Please refer to the Run Results page for more information.


Click Select once you have made the right selections.

Run Submission Screens

After the user profile and benchmark has been selected, the submission screens will show up. The screenshots below show example submission screens from the sample Web101 benchmark. You would move between these screens by selecting the tab representing the sceen.






The submission screens are benchmark specific and provided with each benchmark deployment, yet there may be some commonalities. The Java and Driver tabs are relatively common among benchmarks. All other tabs are specific to the benchmark. The submission screens come preloaded with configuration values from your most recent run, based on your user profile. If there is no previous run, the default values provided by the benchmark are preloaded. The submission screens allow you to edit the benchmark parameters for the run about to be submitted and these values are again saved for your subsequent runs. This edit/save feature allows you to edit just the differences from run to run and not having to re-enter the whole configuration over and over again. If you leave the steady state field blank, then the tools will run until the benchmark ends. Once you have made the necessary edits on the submission screens, click OK and the run will get scheduled into the run queue. The submission confirmation page allows you to navigate to the run, whether it is currently running or just in the run queue: