Result Tagging

Result Tagging and Tag Search

You have already seen many examples of tagging. Here we will see how we use them to find our runs. But first, lets discuss Faban's tagging system.

The basis of of Faban's tagging system is just the same as most tagging systems on many photo or video sharing sites as well as social networking sites. It is common to tag a result by the software and hardware components that were used for the experiment. But you may also use totally different tags that are meaningful to you. One special property for hardware and software componenets is that they mostly have some way of versioning. We also want to keep track of such versioning in our tagging system so we may later compare results based on different software versions, for instance.

The version tagging system allows you to add versions to the tag by separating them by the slash (/) character. For example, we could use tags such as ApacheTM/2/2.2 or MySQLTM/5.1. As you search for Apache, all results tagged with Apache no mattter which version will show up. A search for Apache/2 will show all the results pertaining to the Apache/2 tag, whether the minor version is 2.0, 2.1, or 2.2, etc. If the tag has no version information, it would not make sense to come up with artificial versions, or hierarchies. For instance, the tag Linux/MySQL does not make sense as these two entities are orthogonal. They should use separate tags.

If you want to search for any particular runs associated with the tags, you can do so by entering the tags in the tag search field. Tag search is of 3 forms,


Single tag MySQL

Version tags MySQL/5.2

Any combination of the above  
MySQL/5.2 Linux

Enter the tag and hit "Search" button. You will get the runs list associated with these tags as shown in the page below.

Tag Search Results